The 57th scientific meeting of the Anglo-German Medical Society
Die 57. wissenschaftliche Tagung der Deutsch-Englischen Ärztevereinigung

Who is the AGMS - DEÄV

Before World War II there was extensive exchange between the British and German medical professions. The idea for the Anglo-German Medical Society (AGMS) was born after 1945 in order to rebuild the professional and personal relationships that had significantly cooled between medical doctors of the two countries.

Achieving a ready exchange of ideas, knowledge and personnel has been the aim of the AGMS ever since its foundation in 1959.

The present membership is about 400, more or less equally divided between the British and the German Sections. The Society's main aims are as follows:

  • to encourage collaboration between doctors and medical scientists in the two countries. Please follow this link to learn about our grant for international projects.
  • to hold Annual Conferences alternately in the United Kingdom and Germany
  • to encourage exchange of knowledge and ideas between the two countries. Your questions could be anwered in our online forum.

Please take a look at our calender showing various events that are organised by the Anglo-German Medical Society or by external organisations.

There are a number of translators that offer reductions for our members.